TheMoon gives you an opportunity to win funding for tickets to space and the goal is to have as many winners as possible. TheMoon is a reflective defi token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Every time the a "WinSpaceTicket Fund" has 388 BNB (about $125,000 USD) collected from TheMoon coins - enough for a ride up to the Space Perspective Space Neptune - a TheMoon HODLER is chosen randomly to receive this 388 BNB. The community will repeat this process for as long as possible, sending as many of its members to space as possible.

This is a 100% community driven project - 100% Fair Launch. If there are cheaper space tickets that come up, then the community will get to decide to switch. The community can also decide to choose to try Virgin Galactic or Space Perspective, or both.


With each transaction TheMoon tokens that happens, 5% of the transaction is swapped to BNB and sent to the "WinSpaceTicket Fund"

With each transaction that happens:


5% of every BUY and SELL transaction of TheMoon token goes to the WinSpaceTicket Fund (after being converted to BNB)


3% of the transaction goes to TheMoon ticket Hodlers.


3% of the transaction goes to Marketing

100,000,000 Token

Symbol: TheMoon

100% Fair Launch



Since this all happens on-chain, you can be assured that the random winner is verifiable. Additionally, we store all of the winning records in the contract as well, therefore if somebody wants to check any of the previous wins, they can.



  • Conceive concept
  • 5,000 Telegram members
  • 2,500 Twitter members
  • List on CoinmarketCap
  • August

  • 10,000 Telegram members
  • 5,000 Twitter members
  • List on Coingecko
  • September

  • WinSpaceTicket Merchandise
  • Virgin Galactic and Space Perspective Negotiations / Co-Branding
  • October to December

  • Virgin Galactic and Space Perspective Agreements
  • Enough for 1st ticket winner
  • We Have Liftoff

    Space Rides

    These companies currently can or are working on taking you to space.

    Space Tourists

    Could this be you?

    Dennis Tito (American)

    April 28 - May 6, 2001

    Mark Shuttleworth (South African / British)

    April 25 - May 5, 2002

    Gregory Olsen (American)

    October 1 - October 11, 2005

    • Anousheh Ansari (Iranian / American): September 18 - September 29, 2006
    • Charles Simonyi (Hungarian): April 7 - April 21, 2007[8]
    • Richard Garriott (American): October 12 - October 23, 2008[9]
    • Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor (Malaysian): October 10 - October 23, 2007